The fishing techniques used to catch tomcods are very simple. Even children can become experts at fishing them.

To guarantee a good catch, all you need is a piece of pork liver on the end of your hook, making sure the point is carefully hidden. Then, lower the weights to about an half inch (one centimeter) from the bottom of the river. A slight movement of your fishing line will tell when a fish is down there. Jiggle your line and bring it up. That’s it!

Studies have shown that the number of fish in the river increases when the tide comes in and when the water is higher. Click here to check tide table.

To preserve the fish, throw it immediately outside: it has to freeze rapidly to keep its freshness.

No fishing permit is needed to fish tomcods in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade. Moreover, there aren’t any fishing quota. The edible fish left on the ice will be collected by your outfitter and will be brought to a Moisson Mauricie food bank.

We are counting on all the fishermen to help maintain the cleanliness of our grounds and to prevent water contamination. There are some trash bins and sanitary installations all around the site.